• Wind Energy Ordinance


    Please take notice that the Town of Cleveland enacted Ordinance No. 2023-01, Establishing Wind Energy Facility Licensing, on June 6th 2023. 

    The Wisconsin State Constitution legally obligates government officials to protect the health, safety, and well-being of their community.

    The purpose of this Ordinance is to require the operator of a proposed Wind Energy Facility located in the Town of Cleveland to obtain a license from the town prior to beginning construction activities in order to protect public health and safety, to minimize or prevent potential adverse off-site impacts from on-site and off-site operations, and to promote the general welfare of the people and communities within the Town of Cleveland.

    The full text of Ordinance 2023-01 may be obtained at the Town of Cleveland Town Hall, 214261 County Rd M, Stratford, WI 54484, by contacting the Cleveland Town Clerk.  The town clerk’s phone number is 715-323-3422.

    Dated: June 14th 2023

    By: Alexandra Skaya, Clerk, Town of Cleveland, Marathon County